Open Daily 7am – 4pm

Situated on SH2 in the country surroundings of te Aute and Pukehou in Hawke’s Bay The Paper Mulberry Cafe promises fresh, delicious cafe food, excellent coffee (many say the best they have ever tasted) and a welcome typical of the are. The paper mulberry cafe was recently purchased by Anna who has long been a Hawke’s Bay Lass. With a genuine love for the area, Anna set about looking for the perfect place to set up a secret garden cafe, one that would bring the locals and attract the discerning coffee lover to go (no pun intended)


Anna’s mission is simple but to the point. “Keep them wanting more”

And more is certainly what you will get if you visit the Paper Mulberry Cafe. More choice in food, More arts and crafts than you can poke a stick at, and more hospitality than John Cleese on this best day.


Anna would love to develop the area to include an outdoor market with a view to having events that everyone can enjoy from near or far. Keep visiting the website for more information on our future plans, and what we have in store for all our customers old and new.